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Song Lyrics 

I enjoy writing lyrics to songs, but do not put music to them myself.


If you are, or aim to be, a successful musican or producer of music and wish to use any of my lyrics or suggest a collaboration, contact me. 

If you want to listen to a recording of one of my lyrics, try the following:


See below a few samples of my lyrics that are yet to be recorded.

Of You

Text: James Tunney


As the storm gathered

The darkness grew

Sun disappeared

I thought of you


As the light failed

The troubles brew

Fear unleashed

I thought of you


As the tiger woke

The heroes few

The devil spoke

I thought of you


With vision clear

And courage bright

No shred of doubt

You helped me fight


As the bad news came

The hopes flew

The horse got lame

I thought of you


As the burglar stole

The presents new

When in the hole

I thought of  you


With heart of gold

And sense of right

You helped us get

Back into the light


Text: James Tunney


Starlight slumber

Heart flung

Angel of the rocks

How she sung


Storms deliver

A trembling shiver to stay

At a last supper

On the dark side of the bay


Bright the wind

To quench the fears

Of tormented minds

Full of questions full of fears


Tell me what

Tell me who

Tell me if you really knew


For I do know

Such a place

I do know where

Fonder cares are

Kept there


So do not worry

Do not fret

The golden seeds

Will blossom yet


Text: James Tunney


You came to me

Out of the blue

When things were dark

Didn’t know what to do


You came through the clouds

On shafts of light

To show the path

And banish night


My light from heaven

My moon angel


Shadows were closing

I had lost my way

The road was hard

Didn’t know what to say


You lit the sky

Broke through the gloom

To lift the siege

And brighten my room


My light from heaven

My moon angel


I’ll sleep tonight

I’ll drift away

I’ll dream sweetly

Till break of day


I’ll rest my head

I’ll lay me down

You stroke my cheek

You shift my frown


My light from heaven

My moon angel

Nature of Enchantment
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