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I have just published a new book called Human Entrance to Transhumanism. This is my third book in a series on Scientocracy.
Coming next is a book of mystic poetry and a follow-up to the series on scientism.

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Human Entrance to Transhumanism

Machine Merger and the End of Humanity

Transhumanism is a movement which aims to remake humanity through technology. Humanity will be fabricated and natural evolution will end. It is merely a new manifestation of an older desire for scientific control of the world.

Transhumanism seeks fabrication by fascination. We have been entranced by media propaganda. We are yielding the spirit of the race. Transhumanism represents a technique akin to magic. If we do not become aware of the danger of use of enhancement as a subterfuge for mass control we may end in a magicians dream.

While transhumanists might genuinely want longer lives, more intelligence and more happiness, the implications of the movement are much deeper beyond the realm of individuals legitimately choosing their own path in life. The transhumanist narrative as part of the black magic of materialism is an ad for add-ons that does not add up. Without a commitment to the individual, human person and the importance of their consciousness the human race will be sacrificed.



Slavery of the Human Spirit


We are entering a tech-totalitarian society wherein we will be slaves. We have allowed ourselves have our freedom constrained in the guise of convenience. We are going to live in bondage of technology and the people who control those networks. Puppet-masters exert power over hi-tech networks beyond democratic supervision to exercise control over us that will lead to totalitarianism. The appearance of technical progress camouflages a regression in freedom and liberty. We are tech-slaves who will live in bondage before our demise. This is the TechBondAge and we will live in techbondage.

The domain of BDSM suggests a reflection of the new relationship between the former citizen and their new masters and mistresses. We yield our sovereignty to those who will dominate us by control of networks, tech-cage and electronic straitjacket. In some ways the ideas and iconography of adult entertainment, play or amusement that have come from sub-cultures to mainstream reflect the effect of the new domination-submission regime emerging. We must do what we are told by machines, tools and ties of the network in the TechBondAge. We are relinquishing our sovereignty on the basis of our convenience.

It is time to examine the strange upside-down world we have entered. You are caught in a web, captured in a net, on a line, E-mancipated, remotely-controlled. Soon you will be a mere node, a machine part of a big machine. It is time to stop sacrificing our spiritual sovereignty and time to reject servitude and victimhood.


Empire of Scientism

The Dispiriting Conspiracy and Inevitable Tyranny of Scientocracy


We are in danger of ceding power to a centralised cadre of bureaucrats, business and billionaires who assume authority to exercise power as they wish, believing they know better. The materialist paradigm has given rise to an ideology of scientism, an idolatry of technology and an instrumentality of networks, webs of control and surveillance that is shared by communists and capitalists alike.

Scientism is the expansion of science beyond appropriate boundaries to become an exclusive dogma. Hitherto separate and competing forces are coalescing in a community based on application of science to governance. Some scientist have described this movement towards a scientific world government. Now we are told that such things are delusions.

The emergent Empire of Scientism will be hostile to religion, spirituality and human rights and will promote transhumanism, posthumanism and represent the demise of homo sapiens. These will be the resulting conditions as conceived by certain mainstream scientists and their sycophants. Unless we wake up and embrace our spiritual consciousness we are doomed to suffer a totalitarian regime or 'globetechgov' before our demise.



 The Mystery of the Trapped Light

Mystical Thoughts in the Dark Age of Scientism


Throughout the ages, in text and in practices, secretly and openly, spiritual and mystical people focused on the central concept of the force of light. A recurrent idea is that spirit is light and trapped in the world of material or flesh and needs to be released in some way. Many mystics have created a path of illumination to allow our inherent genius of light be liberated to return to its ultimate source. The mystery is about who and what we are and how we might see our spiritual evolution. At the same time scientism seems to attack spiritual activity.

In the matrix the spirit lies
Destined to fight towards the light
To struggle in the harsh, hard brightness
To seek the subtle true light

This book is divided in two parts. The first part is an exploration that seeks to examine the approach within spirituality and mysticism to light in the context of scientific examination of light. The latter consists of lines, poetry or sutras. Poetic expression sets out the author's vision of a whole path of light reflecting perennial wisdom. Addressing mind and heart, the reader will find something that will help them reflect on their own beliefs or open an entirely new vista.

The Mystical Accord

 The Mystical Accord

Sutras to Suit Our Time, Lines for Spiritual Evolution


The core of this book is composed of the author’s lines or sutras that build an argument about mysticism. They are sutras in that they link together in a thread of meaning. Each line has 17 syllables, some are simple and some are cryptic. The book seeks to explore and develop the meaning of mysticism as it applies today. Throughout history and across all cultures individuals have insisted that the reality we perceive is limited and that we have the capacity to enjoy a higher spiritual path. Through appropriate concepts and practices we open up to a higher level of consciousness that enriches our life.

At a time of breakneck growth in technology, the ideas of spirit and consciousness are contested. There is a need and a great opportunity for spiritual evolution. The opportunity is there in what some call perennial philosophy and in certain streams of religion and spirituality.

The Mystical Accord is an attempt to set a framework that draws on many wells of wisdom. The introduction or Gateway seeks to explain what mysticism is and lays the foundation for what follows. An extensive glossary is included. The framework works as a whole and severally, drawing together in a unique way the essence of wisdom from around the world in the author’s special poetic vision. The argument suggests that there is something that might be called The Mystical Accord that exists and should be reflected on and used.


Blue Lies September

Blue Lies September


London. Ash is an independent woman on a journey of self-exploration in an age of growing censorship and activist reaction. An innovative adult entrepreneur business is part of a quest for consciousness, knowledge and intelligence in the mystery of ghostly London.

A sudden state of turmoil. A bizarre turn of events. Hazards lie in wait. A hunt. Her life is intertwined with others at a time of widespread uncertainty, coincidence, imagined conspiracy… or maybe not.

The extraordinary effects embroil many more besides. Her search for meaning quickly becomes a lot more serious. This strange September, in one of the most important cities of the world, is unlike any other.

A jarring of the present state of mind of the living and the dead, in a society on the edge. Prepare to have your world rocked.

Ireland I Don't Recognise Who She Is

Ireland I Don't Recognise Who She Is


A dystopian tale set in Zone 7 in the Time of AUM on what was once the Emerald Isle.

Society has been transformed radically on a global scale. A scientific regime is in charge and is re-defining reality. Cullen is a SURF who works in Kastel X. His precarious existence is altered unexpectedly. Awakening is a double-edged sword in the world he becomes more aware of. Doors open into consciousness and experience but new challenges, threats and dangers emerge.

A decision far away from his SURFSTATION will impact significantly on him and many others.  Archetypes of the past dimly persist to impress in the future present.