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New Thinking Allowed

See links below to my interviews with Dr Jeffrey Mishlove on the New Thinking Allowed, YouTube Channel:​​


Mix of Channels

See links below to my interviews with various hosts on a mix of different channels:​​​​

The Way 126 Experience with San Qing

Legalise Freedom with Gregg Moffitt​​

Alfa Vedic with Mike Winner & Dr Lando

Interviews from Underground with Michael Gallagher

Thinking Thomas with Thomas Lynn

Regeneration: Mike Sauter & Michael Martin

Aoen Bytes Gnostic Radio with Miguel Connor

Spirit Within the Land

Hopscotch Chronicles with Dominic Vallee

The Fifth Dimension with Evan McDermod

Living 4D with Paul Chek

Awakening Afrodite with Amy Fournier

The Philip K Dick Film Festival 

The Scientific and Medical Network

Bite Size Gnosis with Freckled Mare

Expanding Perception with Dr Paul J. Leslie 

Shadow Tech Alchemy with Melissa & Colin

Witness Citizen

The Hannibal TV

Evolve with Pete Evans

MOT: Minds of Tomorrow with Luis Acevedo

The Irish Inquiry with Aisling O'Loughlin

Sync Book Radio - Always Record/Fine Just Fine


Spiritual Evolution with Brian Doyle

SoulArt with Italo Castro

Project Sovereign with Alex Hickman

New Observations podcast with Mia Feroleto

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